Edging gives your landscape a crisp, well maintained look. Clean borders clearly define the boundaries of your lawn, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and gardens, which makes your yard easier to maintain, and, like a picture frame, allows you to accentuate and highlight particular sections of your property. A well manicured landscape also adds value to your home.


Edges are designed to prevent your lawn from intruding upon other parts of your landscape, and vice versa. This can be done in many ways, but we provide options that we recommend because of their aesthetic appeal, durability, and the value they add to your yard.

Trench edging lets you separate one part of your landscape from another without using barriers. Clean lines are created by digging a shallow moat or trench between the sections, and then filling it with mulch. And because mulch is the only material used, it’s a completely natural edging. Our trench edging is easy to create and costs next to nothing, with no need for additional materials. The trench stops plants from spreading out of one section and into another. Because it requires no barriers, it’s easy to mow around that particular section of your landscape. Another benefit is how easy it is to expand a landscape feature that is naturally edged.


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Aluminum edging is a great option for near-permanent landscape edging. Over time, river rock or gravel can settle into the soil of a naturally dug edge, but aluminum edging holds its place through all seasons, and will last year after year after… . When installed properly, just a few inches above the ground, most lawn mower decks will hover right over it.

Edgestones are shaped concrete blocks, and are the perfect option for outlining a garden or a patio. Being concrete, they will last year after year, and will stand up to rigorous treatment. Our edgestones come with a natural texture in four different colors, and are an excellent choice to make your landscape look dressed for the nines.

Louise P.

I noticed the work Justin Morgan was doing for my neighbor and asked if he could give me an estimate for work I wanted done. He gave me almost 30 minutes of careful analysis, and sent a detailed estimate that day. The work he did was amazing. He recommended a lovely nursery, which we used, and we could not be happier with the outcome.

John B.

Very timely service on our vacant lot we purchased to eventually build on. Helps us to be good neighbors. Simple payment system and great work. Couldn't be happier.

Coy B.

Have worked with Morgan Lawn and Services in the past. Great company that takes a great deal of pride with all of their work rather it be a small job, or a large job! This company works like a well oiled machine! Keep up the great work, and more importantly the amazing customer service!


Morgan Lawn and Services knows that having a nice edge to your landscape garden is one of the most important aspects of a clean garden. Take a look at our photo gallery to see what we mean, then contact us for a free estimate on spicing up your residential or commercial landscape.