Timing is everything when trimming and pruning a garden, and not everything in your landscape should be cut back at the same time. At Morgan Lawn and Services, we are professionals in shrub trimming, pruning, cutting back perennials, and forming and trimming hedge rows.


Whether it’s shearing for shape, pruning for health, or just letting them grow naturally, we know your plants and how to keep them healthy from one year to the next.

It is important to know the details of every plant in your garden. Trimming flowering plants in the wrong season or at the wrong time could cost a year’s worth of gorgeous blooms, or might even kill the plant. Newly planted additions to your garden must be trimmed or cut back at the proper time and with the proper cutting technique to ensure they mature to be healthy and robust.


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Pruning and trimming are two different things, and are necessary at their correct times for the proper reasons. Trimming is just the removal of the outermost part of the plant, while pruning requires more technical knowledge and removal of large portions of a plant―like having a cavity filled versus removing a whole tooth.

Established shrubs need occasional reshaping and removal of dead or thick stems to remain attractive year after year. Overgrown shrubs may revive when old, woody stems are pruned to allow younger stems room for growth. Morgan Lawn and Services knows the correct times to prune the particular species of your established and newly planted gardens to ensure they are not susceptible to frost damage.

Louise P.

I noticed the work Justin Morgan was doing for my neighbor and asked if he could give me an estimate for work I wanted done. He gave me almost 30 minutes of careful analysis, and sent a detailed estimate that day. The work he did was amazing. He recommended a lovely nursery, which we used, and we could not be happier with the outcome.

John B.

Very timely service on our vacant lot we purchased to eventually build on. Helps us to be good neighbors. Simple payment system and great work. Couldn't be happier.

Coy B.

Have worked with Morgan Lawn and Services in the past. Great company that takes a great deal of pride with all of their work rather it be a small job, or a large job! This company works like a well oiled machine! Keep up the great work, and more importantly the amazing customer service!


Weeding is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your healthy lawn and gardens. Unwanted plants steal nutrients and the available water in the soil. Weeds also provide cover for unwanted rodents and other pests. And let’s be honest, weeding is a chore, and is not something you want to do during your weekend. We want to give back your time, and since we don’t mind weeding your landscape, you might as well call us.

Once your garden is properly trimmed, pruned, and weeded, it is important to maintain the integrity of the work to reduce the stress on the tended plants and to keep your lawn and garden at their peak health. With proper maintenance, your garden will become the focal point of your property.

So contact Morgan Lawn and Services today. We are experts in the special needs of your plants and shrubs, and we would be happy to provide you a free estimate on your trimming and pruning requirements.