Morgan Lawn and Services knows every garden and patio area needs a water feature. Let our expert teams help you create the backyard you’ve been dreaming about.


Can you see yourself sitting on your patio, near a pond brimming with koi and water lilies? Or maybe you’re a birdwatcher; can you imagine yourself at breakfast in your backyard, watching common yellowthroats and northern cardinals frolic in a gurgling fountain?

Water features will undoubtedly transform your landscape into your private world of vibrant life and deep physical and mental relaxation. Sit near a magnificent waterfall, or a patio pond with fish and greenery, or a fountain festooned with frolicking birds and feel your stress wash away!


Water features can tie your yard together, but sometimes you need a little more. See what else we can do!


Check out some of our beautiful water and yard projects we have done in the past.


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Waterfalls are the most beautiful and soothing water feature anyone can have in their yard. They are perfect for those who want the sound and ambience of water falling, but do not have the space for a pond, or just do not want the pond itself.

All our waterfalls can be custom built to any size. We can make them small and quiet, or we can make them bigger and taller―something exciting to the senses.

Morgan Lawn and Services can install most of these water features in just one day. Browse through our photo gallery to see the magic we create with water, then contact us for a free consultation and cost estimate.

Louise P.

I noticed the work Justin Morgan was doing for my neighbor and asked if he could give me an estimate for work I wanted done. He gave me almost 30 minutes of careful analysis, and sent a detailed estimate that day. The work he did was amazing. He recommended a lovely nursery, which we used, and we could not be happier with the outcome.

John B.

Very timely service on our vacant lot we purchased to eventually build on. Helps us to be good neighbors. Simple payment system and great work. Couldn't be happier.

Coy B.

Have worked with Morgan Lawn and Services in the past. Great company that takes a great deal of pride with all of their work rather it be a small job, or a large job! This company works like a well oiled machine! Keep up the great work, and more importantly the amazing customer service!


Ponds will bring your patio to life. With proper outdoor lighting, aquatic plants, and even some small fish, a pond on your patio is guaranteed to provide interest and help you relax and enjoy what will become the most interesting piece on your patio.

Offered in many shapes and sizes, these kits can fit just about anywhere in your landscape garden. From an elegant urn to natural rustic rocks, a fountain will fill your yard with wonder. Wildlife is attracted to water. By installing a fountain, songbirds will flock to your property. This is especially rewarding if you are a birdwatcher, or if you simply want to expand the ways you can fully enjoy your property. Active wildlife is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Sit back and watch the birds enjoy nice refreshment in your new water fountain.