Morgan Lawn and Services knows you want a beautiful, well maintained yard. We also know you’d rather spend your weekend time doing something other than every big and little thing it takes to keep your yard looking healthy and pristine.


We want to “Give Your Time Back,” and that’s why we provide a full-service maintenance plan that does it all. We like to keep things simple. We don’t want to confuse you with a long menu of different plan options, any of which might provide some of the services you need but not all.

With our universal maintenance plan, you get to choose which of our many professional services are right for your yard. It’s like building your own pizza. You choose which toppings best suit your landscape maintenance needs.


We offer alot more services then maintenance plans, check some out today.


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The base of our full-service maintenance plan includes all the basic and most necessary landscape services, such as mowing, general landscaping, edging, shrub trimming, and even leaf removal. But we offer a great many other services that you might need or want, so we let you add them to the basic maintenance plan to create a personalized one specific to your yard and your needs.

Any or all of our services can be included in your personalized plan, and any service may be removed when you no longer need or want it.

Louise P.

I noticed the work Justin Morgan was doing for my neighbor and asked if he could give me an estimate for work I wanted done. He gave me almost 30 minutes of careful analysis, and sent a detailed estimate that day. The work he did was amazing. He recommended a lovely nursery, which we used, and we could not be happier with the outcome.

John B.

Very timely service on our vacant lot we purchased to eventually build on. Helps us to be good neighbors. Simple payment system and great work. Couldn't be happier.

Coy B.

Have worked with Morgan Lawn and Services in the past. Great company that takes a great deal of pride with all of their work rather it be a small job, or a large job! This company works like a well oiled machine! Keep up the great work, and more importantly the amazing customer service!


All service costs are averaged into 12 monthly installments for easy budgeting, and which allows you to avoid confronting any separate costs such as spring cleaning and mulching.

Contact Morgan Lawn and Services today to build your personalized landscape maintenance plan. We specialize in “Giving Back to Shepherdstown” with professional and certified landscape services. We want to help you build your dream yard, and help you keep it cozy and beautiful all year long, for years to come.